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Counselling sessions

For those who do not have health benefits or are otherwise unable to pay the full fee, I have a small number of reduced-fee scholarships available.  


Workshop and Presentations

Prices vary depending on group size, length of presentation, and content. Please contact me to discuss details.

Payment: Price List


I value your time and my own. If you are unable to attend your scheduled appointment, a minimum of 24 hours notice is appreciated. If appointments are not attended or cancelled within 24 hours, you will be charged a $50 fee.

Payment: Insurance




E-transfer, cash, credit card
Direct billing (ONLY Blue Cross/Victims Comp).



Many employee health benefit programs reimburse fees for services provided by a Registered Social Worker.  You can often find this information on your benefit app or website.  Alternatively contact your plan provider for more information or contact me for assistance.
DIRECT BILLING AVAILABLE FOR BLUE CROSS MEMBERS.  Unfortunately, Canada Life does not allow Social Workers to direct bill at this time.

Sask Victim Services.png


I am an approved counsellor for Victim Services. 
If a crime has been committed against you and you need support, you may qualify for Victim's Compensation.  This often includes reimbursement for counselling services.  Please talk to your Victim Services Worker or feel free to contact me for assistance.

Jordan's Principle.jpeg


Jordan's Principle is intended to meet the needs of First Nations children no matter where they live in Canada.  Every child's situation is unique and clients are encouraged to see what coverage they have prior to engaging in services.  I am happy to help with any Jordan's Principle requests or applications.

Payment: Insurance
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